KODAK Easy Lens

Easy and effortless. Sometimes it can be difficult to adapt to new lenses, and many people that are prescribed with varifocal lenses are looking for an easy transition when wearing their new varifocal glasses for the first time. The KODAK Easy Lens offers you exactly that, an effortless transition to varifocal lenses.

Perfect for first time wearers

The KODAK Easy Lens is also called a progressive lens, as it provides clear vision across all distances. It utilises the very latest in lens design technology to ensure a softer transition between the powers, which makes it ideal for first-time wearers as they adjust to progressive varifocal lenses. We’ve designed it to offer wider reading and intermediate distance areas, which promotes natural head and eye movements.

Create your perfect look

KODAK Easy Lenses are also suitable for almost all frame choices, to suit any look or style that you choose. They’re designed to be thinner and lighter, making them a great choice for anyone looking for their first pair of progressive varifocal lenses!

Ask your local KODAK Lens Optician about KODAK Easy Lens today.

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