KODAK Clean&CleAR Lens

Lenses that stay cleaner for longer. We know how frustrating it is when dirt and smudges on your glasses cloud your clear vision. That’s why we created KODAK Clean&CleAR lenses. They’re specifically designed to actively repel dirt, grime and water, meaning that they stay cleaner for longer. Making them the perfect glasses lens replacement choice!

Improved contrast and colour perception

What’s more, KODAK Clean&CleAR lenses come with a reflection-free finish that stops light from reflecting off the lenses. More light enters your eyes, which improves the quality of your vision. Our reflection free finish also reduces bright, irritating glare. Combined, this additional level of visual comfort helps to reduce the symptoms of eye strain, such as headaches and sore eyes.

Free replacements for scratched lenses

KODAK Clean&CleAR lenses are up to 10 times easier to clean than lenses with more traditional reflection-free finishes. They also provide outstanding scratch resistance. In fact, we’re so confident in the quality of KODAK Clean&CleAR lenses that if you scratch your lenses within 2 years, we will replace them for free! Sensible terms apply, of course.

Ask your optician about replacing your glasses lenses with KODAK Clean&CleAR lenses at your next appointment. Find your nearest KODAK Lens Optician here.

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