KODAK Drive Lens

29th November 2017 Marketing

As 2018 rapidly approaches we are excited to launch a new addition to our fantastic range of lenses, the KODAK Drive Lens.

KODAK Drive Lens

KODAK Drive Lens is an exciting new product designed as a brilliant solution for all-day use, or perfect as a second pair of glasses for driving. When on the road, KODAK Drive Lenses are particularly suited to motorists as they offer significantly less glare from oncoming vehicles, traffic and street lights. Details exposed to glare can be seen better, and wearers benefit from improved colour and contrast perception. The design of the lens means that when used during night-time driving, glare is reduced by up to 90%*. This is an important design feature of KODAK Drive Lens as 48% of drivers feel impaired by glare when they are driving (2002 Vision Impact Study).

Did you know that 25% of drivers wearing glasses have doubts about their visual performance? (Allensbacher Archive, survey 11031, 2014).

KODAK Drive Lens is designed so that light sources are seen clearer and reflecting objects keep their sharp contours. This means that levels of glare are reduced, in turn reducing the potential impact on vision when driving. KODAK Drive Lens also excels when reducing reflectance, and is twice as effective as a standard reflection free lens.

The launch of KODAK Drive Lens coincides with our recent focus on the importance of clear vision when driving, and the impact poor vision can have on road safety. Throughout 2018 you can find relevant product literature and further information at a KODAK Lens Optician near you.

If you have any concerns regarding your vision when driving, please consult an optical professional.

You can use our optician finder to find your nearest KODAK Lens Optician who will be happy to answer your questions or queries.

*Based on a 1:60 index lens. 

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