About Us

Innovative lens technology

For 25 years KODAK Lens has combined innovative varifocal and single vision lens technology with the colour and confidence associated with the trusted KODAK brand.  As a global leader in developing lens technology, KODAK Lens is committed to using the latest optical innovations to help offer enhanced vision for all.

KODAK Lens works in partnership with independent opticians, helping our Partners create an engaging experience for their patients from the moment they approach their local practice.

Specialist lens features

Our specialist lens features, such as our 2 year anti-scratch guarantee, offer glasses-wearers the peace of mind that they are purchasing quality varifocal and single vision lenses designed to improve their life by improving their sight. If you’d like to find out more about our lenses, click here. We are also proud to offer the C:MY:K collection, a range of trendy affordable frames designed exclusively for KODAK Lens.

KODAK Lens is committed to creating a richer, clearer, more vibrant world for glasses wearers through its lens technology.

KODAK Lens is manufactured and distributed by Signet Armolite Europe LTD in the United Kingdom

Our Latest News

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