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No lens material - not even glass - is scratch-proof. However, a lens that is treated front and back with a clear, hard coating does become more resistant to scratching. A lens without scratches is far easier to look through and is also cosmetically much nicer in appearance.

RLX Plus® is one of the world's most scratch resistant plastic lens surfaces. It is available on nearly all Kodak Lenses. It is so much harder than standard scratch resistant lens coatings because it is produced in a totally different way. Instead of being added to the lens after it has been made, RLX® Plus is applied during the lens monomer curing process and is therefore chemically interlocked into the lens and so cannot lift or craze like a traditional coating.

Where can I buy Kodak Lenses with advanced anti-reflective coating?

RLX Plus® is available through all leading opticians including your local Kodak Lens Vision Centre.

Simply use our store locator to find your nearest store or to book an appointment online.

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