You can now enjoy a brighter world thanks to Kodak Sun Lenses. We have a range of Sun Lenses which offer you greater clarity, protection from harmful UV rays, and lenses which can be worn whether you're indoors or enjoying outside brightness - so you don't have to change your glasses with the weather.

Look good, stay safe

Kodak Tinted Lenses

A choice of five great colours and tinting depths means that you can have a different look for each mood. From deep sunglasses tints to lighter cosmetic tints, the colour can be the same depth all over the lens or can be graduated from dark at the top to clear at the bottom of the lens. Tints can be further enhanced with 100% UV protection.

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Kodak UVSun Polarised Lenses

Available in five fashionable colours these are the ultimate in sun protection. The polarised function virtually eliminates glare, making them perfect for water activities, driving or winter sports.

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Fast acting, long lasting, photochromic

Kodak SunSensors™ Lenses

Darkening in bright sunshine and returning to a normal clear lens in indoor light, these dependable photochromic lenses allow you to wear one pair of glasses in all weather conditions.

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Kodak InstaShades™ Lenses

These are the new generation of fast-fading photochromic lenses. With a longer photochromic lifespan and 100% UV protection, our lenses can be relied upon to offer you defence against the sun's harmful rays.

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Where can I buy Kodak Lenses with advanced sun capability?

Kodak Sun Lens Options are available from the expert independent opticians at your local Kodak Lens Vision Centre, and from approved Kodak Lens stockists.

Simply use our store locator to find your nearest stockist and to book an appointment online.

About Kodak Lens

Discover why lenses are so important, how we make them, how to read indexes and the common conditions they can help correct.

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Kodak Lenses for Kidz

Our special range of Kodak Lenses for Kidz spectacles includes many free of charge options, in frame sizes and styles to suit all ages.

Kodak Lenses for Kidz