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At your local Kodak Lens Vision Centre, we want to give you the ultimate optical experience - from the moment you walk through our door, to the time you first gaze through our spectacles and see the world in all its rich, crisp, vibrant detail. And we're uniquely placed to do so.

We're a partnership that brings together the advanced technology of Kodak Lenses with the unrivalled experience and dedication of some of the UK's leading independent opticians.

Unlike some 'supermarket-style' franchises that seemingly concentrate on selling fashion frames, we focus on what's important - the lenses. Rest assured, we have a vast array of stylish and affordable frames in which to fit them.

Only expert opticians who are clear, open and honest about the care they provide and the true costs involved qualify to become Kodak Lens Vision Centre partners. So when you see our joint names above the door you can take it as your guarantee that when you discover us for the first time you'll have your eyes opened. And, when you do, we believe you'll love what you see.

What we promise you

We offer you independent service from a convenient location. You'll gain personal help and advice to assist you in selecting the right frames and technologically advanced Kodak Lenses or Kodak contact lenses to help you correct your vision.

Our services include:

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About Kodak Lens

Discover why lenses are so important, how we make them, how to read indexes and the common conditions they can help correct.

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Kodak Lenses for Kidz

Our special range of Kodak Lenses for Kidz spectacles includes many free of charge options, in frame sizes and styles to suit all ages.

Kodak Lenses for Kidz