Lens Types

Our optical lenses are manufactured using the most advanced technology available.

KODAK Lens supply lenses to suit the visual needs of every kind of patient, from those who only require distance vision support to varifocal wearers who require a more complex visual solution. Whether you require single vision or digital progressive lenses, we supply a wide range of products to meet every need, from occupational lenses to easy focus progressive lenses.

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Lens Materials

We have lenses available in a range of materials, ensuring that you receive a lens that is right for you.

From adaptive Transitions® lenses that react to suit light conditions to hardwearing lenses designed to stand up to the active life of a child, KODAK Lenses offer the perfect solution for every lifestyle. Our lens materials offer a range of benefits to complement all ages, environments and visual requirements.

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Lens Enhancements

Our lens technology does much more than improve sight.

KODAK Lens have the optical solutions to meet a huge range of everyday visual challenges. Our lens enhancements support patients' sight across all areas of their lifestyle. They can provide brighter, more colour-rich vision, reduce glare, offer protection from dust and scratches and filter harmful light rays, including UV light, to offer optimum eye protection in even the brightest sunlight.

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